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Muriatic Acid / Hydrochloric Acid 5 Gallon Carboy


Muriatic Acid / Hydrochloric Acid - 5 Gallon Carboy



 Hydrochloric Acid MD




The most cost effective method for lowering PH and Total Alkalinity, as well as cleaning masonry and etching concrete surfaces prior to painting.  Use at the rate of 26 fl oz to lower total alkalinity 10ppm (parts per million) in 10,000 gallons.  Perform acid demand test when lowering ph.


       Used For

  •   Reduces the pH in swimming pools
  •   Etches concrete
  •   Cleans calcium stains, scales and deposits from masonry and ceramics
  •   Will attack varnish, fabrics, metals, plastics and most paints
  •   Can be diluted with water